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Indiegogo is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms famous for the creative products. Most of the products on Indiegogo are digital products, is it possible for a mechanical watch to get popular on Indiegogo? Salut Monde answers this question.

Salut Monde tells a story about a Swiss watchmaker. He has been working in the major watch factory his entire life, and is proficient in mechanical watch making techniques. At that time, the price of Swiss mechanical watch keeps the young fashionable consumers away from the world of mechanical watch.

Mechanical watch requires traditional complicated mechanical techniques. Unplugged, no battery, it uses physical principles and the principle of pendulum cycle to calculate time. A mechanical watch requires hundreds of tiny and compact mechanical parts. Any parts have a slight error, the watch will not tell accurate time. As the result, mechanical watches always have high price tag.

The Swiss watchmaker has the dream to create a mechanical watch that is the young fashion enthusiasts can access and afford. He travels all over to China, and finally find a watchmaking factory. After years of working with the factory and designers from Hongkong, they launched the Salut Monde Mechanical Watch through Indiegogo. As soon as the watch is launched, they won the support of backers from over 30 countries over the world, the fundraising amount soon reached 1000% over their original goal!

The reason why the watch is name after Salut Monde is because the designer is inspired by the globe. It used a tilted symmetrical structure for the first time in the world. With complex case gears and scales, Salut Monde displays the world’s 24 time zones in the inner shadow circle on the watch surface. The design won the 2nd place in the Hongkong Watch Design Competition, which is one of the biggest professional watch design competitions.

Salut Monde combines the award-winning design and self-winding mechanical watch with the amazing affordable price. Check Salut Monde On Indiegogo NOW!